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every sunny pairing is so good it’s sickening

you have mac and dennis, the codependent inseparable losers that fall somewhere on the best friends <-> official boyfriends spectrum and balance each other out with their complementary daddy/mommy issues and messiah complexes

dee and dennis, equally codependent, but filled with seething rage and envy, sharing a soul since birth but a twisted, dirty, worthless soul, so obsessed with each other that it’s bad for both of them but also inevitable beyond deniability

mac and charlie, the childhood best friends who know each other down to their bones, who will always forgive each other for anything and who can rely on each other in times of need but who also have that perfect opposites-attract/opposites-repel balance going on in terms of how much they need each other versus how much of each other they can actually take

charlie and dee, the couple-that-isn’t-a-couple, knocked down to the same level by the others and by the rest of the world, kindred spirits without knowing it and weirdly healthy because of it

dennis and charlie, a god and his king, leaning on each other to ground themselves and give them a sense of self while simultaneously feeding into each other’s delusions and wreaking chaos wherever they go whenever they team up

mac and dee, where no matter what they do it’s gonna be cute af because rob and kaitlin are married irl and that’s all you can think about when you’re watching them

i wasn’t much of a multishipper before sunny but oh how my ways have changed

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